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  • sheet metal tip

    does the height of a sheet metal tip matter when checking the diameter of a sphere? I am getting different results when measuring spheres with a sheet metal tip as comparted to a regulate ruby tip.

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    Even if you use a cylindrical tip, the cmm drives the center ball, and calculate from it.
    So if you measure the sphere with the center ball lower than equatore, the result will be wrong.
    If you stay upper than the equator, the result shouldn't be so bad...
    (just a thought, I never use them !)


    • gnichols73
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      that's kind of what I am seeing. if I am below the equator the diameter is quite a bit bigger. I thought the point of a sheet metal tip was to not have to worry about the tip being lower than the middle.

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    The cylinder tips are pretty much useless. As Jef said, all data comes from the center of the ball. The "SHANK CALIBRATION" that Pcdmis has was never completed as you can not tell Pcdmis what you are using the shank calibration, so data comes from the ball. Now, you CAN use a shank probe, BUT, if the shank isn't 100% perp to the edge you are checking (or really dang close) you will get bogus data, you can't tell if it is hitting the ball or the shank. Think of it this way:
    hole edges & probe
    \ | \

    Will the data be any good?
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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