Upgrade to V2016 serialization errors

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  • Upgrade to V2016 serialization errors

    So we just had a Hex Tech here to help us upgrade to V2016 from V2010-2014.1 on reimaged PCs using windows 10.
    IT said we have to be on windows 10 on all machines before Dec 31 or all known civilization will end!

    So now we're getting serialization errors on basic scans, probably center scans.
    Anyone else having these problems with V2016.0?

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    keep x out of them till you get in your program and then open the scans and change to nulfilter then regen the scan and save should fix that


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      All our programs our set to nulfilter and center scans only register one point.


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        Send a couple of the prgs to tech support to determine what is causing this.


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          The problem seems unpredictable. Just had a routine which has been rock solid for years do the same thing. It's been running fine in V2016 for a week.
          Only a one scan, freeform.


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            Driving us nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Multiple machines!
            Multiple routines!
            Killing production with incorrect results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Hexagon should pay for our down time!!!!!


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