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    I know there are multiple posts about this exact same subject and I have searched them and followed the instructions but to no avail. I don't want to install a 3rd party pdf driver.

    I have downloaded Pcdmis v2012 mr1 onto a windows7 laptop and cannot create Pdf files. I get the message 'unable to load the PDF drivers! Is 'cdintf.dll' installed correctly?'

    I have followed the instructions in the 'Pdf driver install files'. When I run the 'install pdf 40 .bat' i get the message ' Error Code:1722, The RPC Server is unavailable.

    I was hoping someone had came across this and could help me out. Quickly running out of ideas! TIA
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    If you are printing reports. I don't believe you can. You would have to use RTF output. I was able to print my graphics window by setting my default printer to Microsoft PDF output. I am on Win10 and using 2018 and above.



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      Just install cutepdf and be done with it. It's freeware.


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        Originally posted by louisd View Post
        Just install cutepdf and be done with it. It's freeware.
        Thanks for the reply's.

        I have installed Cute Pdf still when Pcdmis comes to a print command in the program it asks for the cdintf.dll drivers to be installed. Jesus wept;( I can go into the program, view report window, click the print button and it will print a PDF, just wont work with the print commands.
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          Do you have proper default printer setup for print commands ?


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            Originally posted by mb0258 View Post
            Do you have proper default printer setup for print commands ?
            No, That's the issue, I can't load the drivers so that I can't default the Pcdmis converter, it's not available to pick. I've tried the Zip file to no avail.
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              Selecting Print to pdf/rtf will use the Amyuni print driver (converter). To use cutePDF you will need to unselect print to file and use printer. The printer can be whatever you have chosen.


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                Any solution for this?

                We got a new machine in at the start of the year and was running parts all summer. (pdf and printer working)
                I too, have have a system using v2012 MR1 on Win 7, and recently started getting errors.
                First PCDMIS was crashing at the end of the loop (print command), so I turned off the printer (TO_PRINTER=OFF). This allowed the program to run for about a day, with the app creating a PDF.
                I then used a Windows batch file to print the PDF (and left the PCDMIS print command off) but the PDF creation failed immediately (creating a pdf file of 0kb).
                Unlike Liambo734 I was able to re-install PDF drivers but then got the same error as above 'unable to load the PDF drivers! Is 'cdintf.dll' installed correctly?'
                I did the deep clean too, but no resolution. Even tried copying a similar CMM that has PDFs and printouts working, still no fix
                I then set TO_FILE=OFF and TO_PRINTER=ON and the print-out started working, but not consistently with PCDMIS freezing/crashing at the end of the loop.
                Yesterday I did a complete PCDMIS re-install and still no fix.
                Why does it work on some machines and not others?



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                  Sounds like Windows has gummed something up.
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