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  • Loop not looping

    I'm not sure what I'm missing here but this program is wanting to break the loop regardless of the response. I want the program to be open ended so that it can be run as many times as needed for a single lot. Capture.JPG

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    Edit: Disregard this. Apparently this was happening because I was only executing part of the program. Once I tried a full run through it seems to be working fine. My apologies.


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      Here's a silly question. If there has to be an operator present to load the parts and answer the questions, what's the point of the loop?
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      • ajlee7
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        I'm making this program to be used in Inspect by people who have never so much as looked at PC-DMIS and I figured this way would be better than having to run the same program multiple times and then compile the data for our logs (we're checking batches of received parts). This way we have one single document associated to the lot number with all measurements on it.

        I'd prefer for a dedicated fixture where all the parts could be measured at once without any changing out, but that's management's decision.

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      Thanks !
      You shouldn't use "spaces" in the feature / group / alignment names...


      • Kp61dude!
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        what you thanking JEFMAN?

      • JEFMAN
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        Kp61dude! : just the fact that he gave the solution !

      • Kp61dude!
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        I should probably read before asking questions. Pfft manufacturing life...

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      One thing I would suggest for you so you don't have to answer the question everytime "Are there any more Parts?"

      create an Input at the beginning asking "How many Parts Do You Want To Run? Then just put C1.INPUT for NUMBER=
      and just put a Operator Comment to change in between each part

                  How Many Parts Do You Want To Run?
                    Change the Part !!!!!!
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      • ajlee7
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        Hmmm, I do like this a lot. Is there a way I can issue an if statement that's essentially "if iteration# - C1.input == 0 --> break" so that way it skips over the last command to change the part out?

      • KIRBSTER269
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        Well I usually put "Change the Part" at the beginning, the only time that the Comment is irrelevant, is the first piece that is ran. just take that Comment and put it right after the LOOP command
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      • KIRBSTER269
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        I'll change it above

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