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    What's up people, fixing to have my software (tower) updated at the beginning of the year to Windows 10, currently running Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 with PCDMIS 2016 SP 8. I don't think they support my version anymore so what is the recommendations of version does everyone suggest. When I do the transfer to the new computer what is the best way to move what files I need over and which files does everyone suggest I need. I've only done this twice in 16 years. If you got a help or what to do list please share. Thanks to all.

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    Since you have a valid SMA, call Hex. Have them guide you through this.

    Changing versions of windows & PC DMIS while simultaneously trying to make sure your settings don't change is usually a pain in the [email protected]


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      From the release note (2019 R2) :
      Back Up Existing Settings
      Back up your settings from your previous version. By default, PC-DMIS 2019 R2
      attempts to migrate existing settings from previous installs on the same computer,
      even from very old versions of the software where settings were stored in the
      pcdlrn.ini file.
      If your current version uses the PC-DMIS Settings Editor, back up your PCDMIS Settings Editor data. To do this, perform the following steps:
      1. Start the Settings Editor.
      2. Click the Backup button (or Export) to open the Backup dialog box.
      Backup dialog box
      3. In the File box, define a safe location to save the backed-up files, and
      give the file a .zip extension.
      Under the Options area, select the first three check boxes, and click
      If you replace your computer or transfer settings that reside on another computer,
      you can use the Settings Editor's Backup and Restore buttons.

      2019R2 seems to be a nice version, depends on your options...
      Look at differnet thread about 2018 and 2019 to make your own opinion...

      Good luck !


      • BKulpa
        BKulpa commented
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        Just had a Hex Tech in last week to help us upgrade 13 CMM to windows 10 and we went from v2010 - 2014.1 to 2016.
        Using the above directions provided by JEFMAN, we didn't have too many issues other than permissions given by our IT dept.

      • AuRules
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        Thanks JEFMAN. I'm going to take notes but time I update versions again they will have a different was to back it up. lol

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