Create Cylinder from different size circles?

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  • Create Cylinder from different size circles?

    I tried this by creating generic features with the circles to make them the same size. Didn't work since the construct cylinder would not see the generic feature as a circle even though it IS a generic 'circle'. Any other way to trick PC-Dmis into accepting this? When I try to just created a cylinder with the circles it throws the center point off big time.Thanks!
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    Not really sure exactly what you are trying to do, but if you are looking for the vector between center points, construct a 3D line. Then take the IJK from the line and insert it into a generic cylinder with whatever diameter you want.
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      If you want to construct two separate size diameters together, geometrically speaking that is a cone. If you click to construct a cone, PC DMIS can handle that construction all day.

      If you want the AXIS that the two circles share, simply construct a line from the center-point of one circle to the other.
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        I just ended up using a 3d line. Only needed the center points anyway. Tried to construct a cone too but it didn't like that either but the center line worked. Thanks.


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