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  • Points in a freeform scan

    How can I make my points bigger in a freeform scan?

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    CAD Lighting icon on the toolbar>Symbols tab>select scan point in the pulldown> change size>apply
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    • ginnbob
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      Thanks! That answered my question.

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    Hi, I'm using freeform for the first time and for me the scan points display after the scan has been executed.
    What I'm looking for is displaying the of the point at the time I'm clicking on the model.
    Is that possible, thanks.


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      What version are you using?
      It should show the points on the CAD surface where you click to define the path. Then after you hit Calculate based on num of hits or density, the points should populate on the surface.
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      • Michael R
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        Still on 2017 R1, we have 2020 but I don't use it because I don't like the black blobs they have for icons.
        I do see a point as I click, but its so small its hard to see the path I'm taking.
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      • RIDER
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        Follow the steps in post # 2 to increase the diameter of the scan points.

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      I knew about that setting before reaching out for help, and as I mentioned it doesn't display the scan points until after I hit create.


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