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  • Compare to CAD after measurement

    I inspected a part using individual points all over it. Now I have a CAD model with nominal data. It is possible to compare the points taken to the CAD? All points are auto-vector points and the Theo, actl, and targ all match (no deviation between Theo and actl) I didn't have CAD at the time. Thanks.

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    There's many ways to skin this cat.
    Here's what I would do. Open new routine.
    Load CAD. Make sure CAD coordinates roughly resemble how the part will sit on the granite (F5 Part/machine setup get it so CAD axis match how it would sit on granite).
    Copy all your setup and initial inputs from the existing routine.

    OFFLINE in Program Mode (CTL+F4 if i recall correctly) click your manual feature alignment points on each feature:
    3 point plane, press END on keyboard.
    2 point line. press END on keyboard, and
    1 point edge origin, press END on keyboard.
    Align. (CLT+ALT+A)

    add Mode/DCC and clearplane movepoint as you so desire...
    Paste all your DCC code from the other routine into this new one.
    You should be set.


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      If you edit the nominal values of the manual alignment features to match the CAD values for the same features then that will "marry" the CAD to the program. A quick way to do this is go to an alignment in the program that matches the alignment of the CAD model. Then use Operation | Graphic Display Window | CAD Equals PART. This will change the nominal values of the manual alignment features for you.

      Alternatively you can do it like louisd said above. Either way you will then have a CAD matched to your program.

      Now do inspect those measured points back to the CAD, use Edit | Graphic Display Window | Point Nominal Deviation. This will compare the points to the model and give you the opportunity to move the points. The interesting thing is that when it moves the nominal values of the points, it doesn't change the measured values. This way you can check the points you already measured.

      Last but certainly not least. DO THIS WITH A COPY. Always make a copy before doing any kind of edits like this. PC-DMIS can do weird things, even to seasoned programmers doing something that they have done many times. Have fun!
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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