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    here :

    Release Notes - 2019 R1 SP6
    •PCD-46402 - Fixed an issue that occurred when you changed a nominal value and the software would revert it back to the original nominal value. This happened when you pressed F9 to input feature data from a Distance or Angle command and then you clicked Cancel.
    •PCD-109698 - Fixed an issue where performance was decreased during the execution of a laser scan and COP commands in a loop.
    •PCD-132016 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS stopped responding when you ran the Zeiss interface on new computers. This fix also enhanced the performance of the execution of many independent features.
    •PCD-146773 - Fixed an issue with the Outlier filter where you couldn't apply it to auto circles and line features.
    •PCD-149585 - Fixed an issue where selection of AutoFeature Point for constructions and dimensions were not able to process single point features.
    •PCD-151139 - Fixed an issue where a double-click didn't open a measurement routine file. Instead, PC-DMIS displayed an error about a bad archive.
    •PCD-155563 - Fixed an issue where the B5 controller would not accept any commands from PC-DMIS when it's in PARK mode. This fix ensures that no temp comp commands are sent to the B5 controller until the ENDPARK status was set in the measurement routine.
    •PCD-161289 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you attempted to calibrate additional tips after a tool changer calibration.
    •PCD-161965 - Fixed an issue where a scan was simulated when the scan command was created but not inserted at the right position.
    •PCD-162075 - Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of an axis when you create a customized DRF.
    •PCD-162487 - Fixed the issue where the Composite Profile Tolerance was not being reported to Q-DAS.
    •PCD-162867 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS failed to open and edit custom reports that were created in previous versions.
    •PCD-163037 - Fixed a custom report issue where PC-DMIS would hang when there are more than 50 pages in a report. So, you cannot switch between the report pages.
    •PCD-167625 - Improved compatibility with some USB serial cables used to connect the HP-C-VE controller to the PC via USB.
    •PCD-170207 - Added a change for the PointcloudOperator |ExportXYZSeparator registry entry to define one or more separator characters used for the Pointcloud XYZ export.
    •PCD-171391 - Updated the HR-MP rack calibration measurement to account for a design change in the production rack to allow the use of TP20 probes to be used with it.
    •PCD-173138 - Fixed an issue to allow PC-DMIS to show snapshots in landscape orientation in report templates.
    •PCD-173545 - Fixed the issue where silent or passive install modes failed to install on network license servers.
    •PCD-174370 - Fixed Solidworks tessellation issues.
    •PCD-174472 - Fixed an issue to correct the value of the axis in the statistics.xml for legacy profile dimension. This issue also removed the additional blank space in the Axis field.
    •PCD-174797 - Fixed an issue where the Tracker Operation toolbar was missing the measurement profile buttons for the AT40x Leica Tracker interface.
    •PCD-174982 - Fixed an issue where the Scale Drawing dialog box would not open from the Shift+Right-mouse button combination.
    •PCD-175344 - Fixed an issue where sometimes a small portion of the pointcloud was far away from the main cloud during dual arm execution with Laser sensor and FDC control.
    •PCD-175777 - Corrected DMIS syntax for the MEAS/ENDMES block.
    •PCD-175846 - Fixed the issue where filtering didn't work as expected because the conversion from decimal to percentage was missed when calculating the point reduction filter value in Laser Scan dialog boxes.
    •PCD-176129 - Fixed a crash in a dual arm machine configuration that occurred when you used Arm 2 to measure a point in manual mode and clicked the Done key on the jogbox.
    •PCD-176746 - Added a change to our service pack policy that requires a Software Maintenance Agreement for installation.
    •PCD-176898 - Fixed an issue that occurred when you set the SkipNumberOfStripes registry entry in the Settings Editor application to -1. This value indicates that no purple scan stripes were visible in the Graphic Display window for the active scan pass. Once the scan pass was finished, the graphically rendered blue pointcloud was seen.
    •PCD-177036 - Fixed an issue related to Euler transformations where the I++ server can do ScanCircle features with HSSDAT and set a manual retract.
    •PCD-177426 - Fixed a software error that occurred because of a startup timing issue.
    •PCD-177452 - Fixed an issue in the feature extraction where laser features were measured relative to others.
    •PCD-178572 - Fixed an issue with the TempComp for the Wenzel version of the I++ server that supports GetProp/SetProp part.

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    This one answering some questions about the same enhancement on 2019R2...
    •PCD-176746 - Added a change to our service pack policy that requires a Software Maintenance Agreement for installation.


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      Thanks, Jefman. I am still waiting to find issues listed in my megathreads to get fixed...
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o23.1 SP1


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