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  • clearance cube

    how do you turn on the clearance cube?

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    Operation / Graphics Display / Clearance Cube / Activate
    right click and turn on the Clearance Cube toolbar
    153010 Global Advantage w/ LSPX1H_T Analog Probe
    7107 Global Classic TP20
    2019R1 SP1 CAD++


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      Assuming that you are using 2011 MR1 per your profile....
      I'm not entirely sure that clearance cube was available then. I'm thinking it showed up in the 2012 or 2013 version but could easily be wrong. My experience with the early version of clear cube was not pleasant. I have started using it again in the last year or two and either it's much better or something clicked in my brain to where it made sense.

      Assuming that it's on your version, there should be a tool bar that you can turn on and get access to clear cube. Keep in mind though there will be NO indication in your edit window that clear cube is turned on or off or which direction that you are going to clear to. If your CAD model does not include your clamps or other fixture components the clear cube size needs to be set very carefully.

      Vaguely helpful.....


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        thanks for your help


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