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  • Unusable probe tip wont delete

    Hi guys.

    I recently built a new star probe. I added two 90° angles to the file (A90B90, and A90B-90). when turning A to 90, probe tip 5 will not calibrate because it is standing straight up in Z. I deleted the two tip 5 probes from the list, but when I went to perform the autocalibrate, one of the two tips reappeared with the asterisk beside it indicating that it needs to be calibrated. I can delete that single tip from the list, and it will disappear, save and close the file, but when I reopen it, the tip shows back up.

    Autocalibrate crashes every time I try to run it. I have tried deleting the tip, then running the program. I have tried using user defined order to bypass that tip, but it still shows up in the order. I have tried to skip that tip, and I have tried to jump the step, but it will not allow me to go to any tip but that one.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of this tip so I can calibrate all my tips together?

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    what is the sphere IJK, are you trying to calibrate a star with the sphere pointing up? IJK 0,0,1 will not work to calibrate a star at A90B90, tip 5 would try calibrate where the sphere shank is, you need the ball pointing left to do that wrist angle. To calibrate this star of mine with 3 wrist positions requires 3 different sphere set-ups, it is the only way to avoid the shank of the calibration sphere

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      Do you have that probe tip/angle in your program somewhere? If it is it will not delete and will keep re-appearing.


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        The easiest way is to define a parameter set with only the angles you want to calibrate marked (2 in the picture):

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          It might adding it back in because it's the active tip in the program.

          Start a new program and make sure a different tip is selected on the first TIP command. Then F9 on the load probe command and you should be able to delete the tips from the tip list.
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