Error 170: Probe won't Rearm

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  • Error 170: Probe won't Rearm

    Is there an easy fix to this error, or we have to bring someone in to fix the machine?

    I rebooted the whole system, changed the probe, checked the wiring but no success.I am new to CMM programming, so I am still learning. Has anyone faced something similar?

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    I had this problem before. It usually means the module is bad. Change the module and see what happens


    • Douglas
      Douglas commented
      Editing a comment
      I've traced it to dirty surfaces on the magnetic module, or poor/loose connections more often than bad module, the module is the last thing I'd try but that is just me I guess

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    There are many factors, most common, as pointed out, is a bad {something}, may not be the module, though. What probe system are you using? Stylus length? Module force?


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      Thank you, everyone, for your inputs. I cleaned the probe connections and the error message disappeared.


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