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  • Scanning

    Good afternoon,
    I want to use a scan to report out a profile. However, the machine I use don't have a scanning probe head. I using a Hexagon Global using smart probes. The software is CAD 2019 R1. Thanks for any help I can get on this.

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    what are smart probes? Hexagon branded TP20's?
    you'd have to give us some more info on what you are looking to scan (a section cut, a perimeter, a whole surface?)
    Also tolerance ranges are pretty relevant, as there's no need to probe thousands of points for a very lax tolerance, yeah?


    • Darrollh
      Darrollh commented
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      Ok. I’m on my way out the door. I will revisit this tomorrow. Thanks.

    • zbailey
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      I think he may be talking about analog probes for tactile scans.

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    You can create a profile from a selection of points by making a set as far as I can recall, its been a while since I've done that though. If you don't have an analog probe that might be the best option unless there is another way I am not sure of. Ive never seen a scan done with a TP20 style digital module before.


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      Scanning works just fine with TP20s. Instead of dragging the probe, It just takes a bunch of individual points. Kind of like watching a really expensive sewing machine.

      So its not as painful to watch I'd recommend lowering your prehit AND retract while you're scanning.
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