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  • No Probe Animation

    I have a workstation running 2015, 2017 and 2018 and all three have no probe animation.
    Box is checked in the Setup Options Animate probe during Program mode.
    I went as far as checking the settings editor and probe animation is set to true.


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    Can you provide more detail? Does this happen online, offline or both. Is your probe hidden? While in program mode if you hold the right moue button down. Does the probe follow the mouse? If you wish I can try to help. My email is [email protected]


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      Sounds like graphics card issues. I'm sure rjurca is best source to help, but if your SMA isn't current, he might have his hands tied.
      If you are SOL on the SMA, make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date, and your PC is using it (and not the internal graphics card).


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        Same problem here
        Any suggestion will be appreciated.
        I've already updated gpu driver and in program mode the probe follows my mouse but it won't animated when i run programs.


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          Hi Craig Black,
          Thank you for getting this to our notice. We were able to duplicate the issue. We have filed a bug report about this (PCD-183118) and will work on resolving it.
          cc: rjurca


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            As posted above we can duplicate this. I would like to know if those seeing this, have seen this work as you expect. if so what version? I still do not have enough info to fully understand the issue. Again you can contact me directly [email protected]


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              2016 , 2017 I have probe animation. Any program I create in 2018, I have no probe animation. Stranger still, A program created in 2018 saved down to 2016 has no probe animation.
              2018 R2 Bulid #504 SP 8
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                I have been investigating this. I am seeing it work as expect. I will get with my tester who says he saw it fail. What type of features are being measured. Scans have there own set of animation settings. These do control probe animation but only for scans.


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                  So we spent so time online and this is the result.

                  1. during execution we could see probe animation.
                  2. translate mode using the jogbox the probe animates.
                  3. program mode and right mouse button animation works
                  4. program mode using jogbox, no animation Is this the issue your having?

                  I am not sure I fully understand what we are chasing which is why I ask.


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