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    In 2016 cad++ I used to be able to construct a pierce point from an auto circle right on the tangency of the circle, in 2018 I noticed when I try this it says math failed? So all I want to do is create a point on the tangency of the outside of my circle, without having to use a generic and type in CIR1.X, CIR1.Y,.CIR1.Z as an example any advice?
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    Sometimes, the math fails on tangencies that are like this because a piece point either intersects in 2 places or none. You'll never have an error if you construct a perpendicular line from the straight edge thru the radius and then pierce the perpendicular line thru the radius.


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      Tangency from circle to circle=construct line from circle center to circle center and then pierce the constructed line with one of the radii. (Preferrably the one with the most arc length.)


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        Here, if you want to constuct F1, the tangent should be perp to the radius (it's mathematically always the case !), so construct a line perp to the line and through the circle center should help creating the point.
        If the distance between the line and the circle center is shorter than the circle radius, then, there's no solution.
        You could apply the little arc method, then construct a feature set with circle hits and intersect points, and create a circle from them.

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