recall machine specific parameters using one program

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  • recall machine specific parameters using one program

    I am sure this question has been asked before. We have multiple CMMs all running PC-Dmis 2013 MR1. What they want to be able to do is use the programs across the different machines, I know that fixtures will have different alignments. What I want to know is how do I set the program to recall the different machine specific parameters that could effect the program running

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    Create a text file with a standard name at a standard location on the hard disk (where every user can read it), containing the parameters in a specified order, on each computer.
    Start every program with file I/O-commands that read the parameters stored (in the specified order) from those files into variables, and use those variables in parameter setting commands..
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      I have been asking my leader about letting me take some more classes at Hexagon, but keep getting told money is tight. Do you have a sample of what the text file would like as well as a sample of what the code for PC DMIS?
      Also are you aware of any good reference material I could buy that would help me. I apricate all the help that I have received in the past.


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        Short of taking the Level 3 class, you can start by going through the Using File Input/Output chapter in the Core Help File of the manual.
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          I have started to read through that last night. The company I work for, thinks because I went through level 1 that I have learned everything there is to know.

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