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  • Got ****!!!!

    I am a novice programmer at a new company. i have a program that i have written that offline runs just fine, but on the machine i have a error message of position out of stroke tolerance on z axis?

    Has anyone encounter this error message and how do i fix this problem?

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    Your manual alignment is maybe at z = 0, and z0 is at the top of the cmm...


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      Your machine zero point and part zero point are not the same. You need to complete a manual alignment before running in DCC. And your DCC alignment needs to recall your manual alignment.

      (Pretty much what Jeff said)


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        Yep. The "NOMINALS" for the manual alignment are referring back to where ever the coordinate system was when you imported the CAD model. Once the Manual alignment is done, the CMM knows exactly where the part is and will then go and re-establish a 0.000 location that is then based in machine coordinates.


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          Do you have mode/manual with initial hits to take, or a readpoint established, to get part CAD to be relative to machine coordinates?


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            I don't use many manual alignments... F5 > Part/Machine tab, enter x,y,z where part origin is in machine coords... can work well if the part will always sit in the same spot on the table.
            Pretty sure this could debated as improper though


            • RanDawgg
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              As long as you loop the alignment, I don't see a problem with it.

            • Douglas
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              it is a cakewalk with simple alignments, for parts with datums off the part you'd need the read point from a fixture but nothing I deal with runs into it

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            Thanks for the help you guys.


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              "i have a error message of position out of stroke tolerance on z axis"
              This is basically an over travel alarm. Your feature or move point is trying to move past the machine limits. Most likely due to an incomplete alignment or excessively large move points. (In Z)


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                Whatever you do IMO stay away from the use of machine coordinates in a program to find the part, even if you plan to always set it up in the same spot. The programs I inherited do this and it causes nightmares if you wish to set the part on a different spot on the table, or on a different machine. I'm slowly converting away from it because I consider it very poor practice.


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                  We have three CMMs with similar measuring envelopes, with very different Home positions and all with the same size Rayco plates. A 1/2"x1/2" standoff is permanently mounted in D3 on all plates, which is remeasured at the end of the Probe Qual program (run at the beginning of each shift) and stored as an External alignment. All programs recall this external alignment and contain detailed setup instructions, with pictures, as to standoff placements and part loading. All programs are stored on the server and can run on any of the three machines.
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