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  • Alignment issue

    Last edited by ThePudds; 11-25-2019, 07:12 AM.

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    is the line vector parallel to the plane vector?
    Say you have Z axis = your level plane, your line must be projecting in X axis or Y axis in order to rotate about Z plane. If your line is projecting up and down along Z, it's parallel and has nothing to rotate... producing your error.


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      If you post the code from your program we might have a better chance of helping you.

      Click the # on the toolbar up there ^^^^^ which will insert CODE tags.

      Copy-paste the code in there.
      Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


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        Is it a measured line ? Possibly in the wrong workplane when you created the line and the VECTOR is off ???? Post some code, use a jump drive....


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          Do you have training/experience in PCDMIS programming?
          to construct a proper alignment for this you need to press CTL+ALT+A and follow this order/sequence every time
          Level: Zplus to DAT_A
          Rotate: DAT_B to Xplus about Zplus
          Translate: Z to DAT_A
          Translate: X to DAT_C
          Translate: Y to DAT_B

          The translates can be in any order, actually, but the LEVEL and ROTATE must be first and second operations within the alignment.

          this should work no problem. if you are still having issues, snip your align effort and we could go from there.


          • RanDawgg
            RanDawgg commented
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            Do you recommend making an alignment for each feature added? I was told it was the "proper" way to do it. For example,

            Measure Plane
            ALN1 = Level Z plus, and translate Z to plane
            Measure cylinder
            ALN2 = Translate X and Y to clyinder
            Measure Circle
            ALN3 = Rotate around Z plus to circle

          • Schlag
            Schlag commented
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            I only do that in my manual alignment

          • louisd
            louisd commented
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            RanDawgg you could. As Schlag mentioned, stepping aligns will support the intial "find the part" points and get the next feature points closer to normal vectors, increasing the accuracy of your initial align... which works awesome for those inital hits. But further on in your code (usually during a DCC align), you want to control all 6DOF in one alignment, to make sure you aren't enabling your nominals to shift around in your code later on.

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          Also copy/paste the actual code (copy into notepad or something) that way we can actually read it.
          Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


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            Using 3 slots in a line is very bad practice for trying to create stable plane from which you are levelling it is in effect just a line on a surface and will not constrain the axis correctly as can be seen in that the vectors of the constructed plane are off as are the vectors in R5 cir. you need to measure the top surface for levelling.


            • louisd
              louisd commented
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              Yes, although you use sample hits to locate the adjacent planar area of each feature... It is not a preferred strategy.
              --But hey, everyone has opinions. Toss them out with the bath water if you'd like.

              However, if you aren't open to our suggestions, why even ask for help?

            • ThePudds
              ThePudds commented
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              There were no suggestions. It was just ya'll saying how bad the code was. That's it.

            • None_the_wiser
              None_the_wiser commented
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              ………. but you never posted your code, so we could make any suggestions.

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            This link can answer these questions effectively with no rudeness or sarcasm



            • louisd
              louisd commented
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              Huh, at least one post with 7+ comments was deleted. Strange... I wish the guy the best either way.

            • CodeWarrior
              CodeWarrior commented
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              Yeah I was very confused looking through this thread. I couldn't find any code to bash

            • UKCMM
              UKCMM commented
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              Looks like he/she has deleted all there comments very strange as I and the others meant not offence.

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