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  • ginnbob

    I am doing a line scan of a radius in a hexalobe and then scanning all the way around the hexalobe. I am getting errors for each one. What can I do to fix this? here they are: Capture.PNG
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    Hi, I am not really an expert in scans. But your CYL3 looks awfully tiny in mm. I would change the direction 1 tech to nullfilter, maybe that gives you more than one hit. I am no help with the find tolerance issue,


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      In Scan 1 you have the min increment set to 0.381, yet the total length of the scan is only 0.0279 in the X. As Christian said, I would change to a nullfilter linear open.
      The Find Nominals should be set at a minimum to the size of your stylus radius.
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        I scan hexalobes everyday with no problems.
        I do then as linear closed scans.

        1. Go to graphics tab and click on select then select the surfaces of the hexalobe to be scanned.
        2. Execution tab next Normal scan, find noms, vector selected. also boundary type is plane with 3 crossings. Probe comp on. then ensure that the tolerance: under the nominals method is set big enough.
        3. Path definition tab. select start point and end point on selected surfaces of the Hexalobe. Then generate hits.
        4. Next you will need to the Boundry Points and double click on the #1 and a window will pop up. You will need to define the Z of the plane of hits to the same value. this is assuming you are in the Z+ plane.
        5. Then say ok.

        In version 2017R2 when I do create any scans it will change the Find Noms to Master on its own. I will change it back to find noms and regenerate the hits. Then it will stay as find noms.
        The Max increment under the LINE definition will determine the number of hits it will generate. Play around with it until you see what you like. Also be mindful of the prehit/retrace distances as if too large it will crash with too large of movement in a small area.
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          Thanks for the help.


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            Your Scan only shows 1 Hit. Are you generating your Hits? or are you clicking on calculate?

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              • KIRBSTER269
                KIRBSTER269 commented
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                Well if you are only getting one hit when you calculate, then your doing something wrong. Maybe your not selecting all the CAD surfaces? When doing a scan you should be producing alot more points, if you don't see points, you need to re-check your 3 points, also are all 3 points 1=start, D=direction, 2=End at the same Z level? double click on the 1 and a popup window will appear showing you info on that point, and manually type in a depth of that point click next and D point will appear and set the same depth for that one, and repeat for the 2. Then click on calculate and see if you don't end up with more points and like they stated above, where it states density put in a number and then calculate or you can just click that generate button

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