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    IF_GOTO/Q2.INPUT=="15",GOTO = L20 "to a print command" is it possible

    I have a program that use quit a bit of the flow command above, a very lengthy program that will measure all operations and the complete part. I'm asking it there a way to use this command to make it print a comment depending on the operation I choose. I kinda stuck on that one. Thanks

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    Yes, place the print command right after the label and it will print the dimensions up to that point.


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      you can use IF instead of IF_GOTO
      Comment/report: "input your comment here"
      Goto: label ID. Put label towards end of routine with print command at very end
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        Originally posted by acgarcia View Post
        Yes, place the print command right after the label and it will print the dimensions up to that point.
        Not quite following you.


        • acgarcia
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          My bad. I saw print command in your post and thought u wanted to print a report after a label.

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        If there's more options other than C2.input==15, you can use Select/Case tool to essentially act upon a menu of values
        (If 1: do this, if 2: do that, if 3: crash the machine into part if 4: crash the machine into granite)
        Select: Q2.input
        do this

        do that

        crash into part

        crash into granite

        restart (go to label above select)

        F1 once you type in select into the edit window, it will give you more info


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          I'm fixing to head home will try again in the morning, thanks to all.


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            Came in this morning to work and with you guys help got it figured out. Thanks

            Another question arose while the fellows was setting the machine up using the CMM printout. I have a couple of tolerance on the blueprint that is +.005 / -.015 with positive numbers that is fine but one of my dimensions is negative and it seems to flip flop this, it read instead of .075 + .005 / -.015 (.080 - .060) the negative is showing a .0699 and out of tolerance. I though there was a button you could check or do I need to flip flop my tolerance.

            DIM S3_LOC10= LOCATION OF POINT S3_PNT10
            Y -0.0677 -0.0750 0.0050 0.0150 0.0073 0.0023 -------->

            Blueprint is .075 + .005 / -.015
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              F5 ~ Dimension tab


              If this is marked, you HAVE to enter negative values for the minus tolerance (and it is for the whole program!)
              IF this is NOT marked, you enter positive values for the minus tolerance.

              SO, for a +0.005/-0.015, you enter 0.005 and 0.015 when that is NOT marked. If it is marked, you have to enter 0.005 and -0.015. So you need to check that.
              Originally posted by AndersI
              I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                DIM S2_LOC10= LOCATION OF POINT S2_PNT10
                Y -0.0699 -0.0750 0.0050 0.0150 0.0051 0.0001 -------->

                That should be in tolerance then blue print is .075" + .005" / - .015" Do I need a drug test because it doesn't seem correct


                • AndersI
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                  (never mind, Drew_Torg spotted the error)

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                It's .0051 from nominal in the positive direction making it out of tolerance unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.


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                  Originally posted by Drew_Torg View Post
                  It's .0051 from nominal in the positive direction making it out of tolerance unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
                  Might be having a brain fart but talking to the operator which might have me confused . If its positive or negative it still should be blue print is .075" + .005" / - .015" .060 to .080 or -.060 to -.080


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                    The CMM report will work with the CMM coordinate system which in this case is flipped from the print callout. Very common and can be confusing for the operator when they don't understand how your alignment may be different than their machine setup.

                    In this case, you have a negative nominal of .075 with a positive .005 tol and a negative .015. So you are allowed a range of -.075 + .005 = -.07 thru -.075-.015 = -.09.

                    So with a reading of -.0699, you're out by -.0001.


                    • AuRules
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                      So you showing .07 - .09 by the math but if you change the -.075 to a positive then it .075 + .005 = .080 and .075 - .015 = .060 is .060 - .080 that's where I'm confused
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                    • Drew_Torg
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                      It may potentially be better information as a linear dimension, considering the tolerance, but hard to say one way or another just reading about it.

                    • Sora5
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                      The conflict is that your print is using a positive nominal while your program is using a negative nominal. Which is why your program +/- is calculated in the opposite direction.

                      So you need to get your program to do its calculation with a positive nominal via your alignment, or as suggested, by doing a linear distance.
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