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  • Adding ENDMEAS/ to program mode feature

    In 2019 R1 and R2 I have been having some issues with a program.
    After doing some digging it appears the ENDMEAS/ has disappeared on one of the cylinders I created in program mode.
    The next ENDMEAS/ happens four features after that cylinder causing PCDMIS to think all the features, movepoints, clearplanes, etc. is part of that one feature. I've tried adding it in at the end of the feature by typing and it won't let me. I tried copying the feature out into notebook deleting it in PCDMIS adding ENDMEAS/ and pasting it back in PCDMIS, but I get a line too long error. I instead only copy the ENDMEAS/ and try to paste it in and I get paste not allowed here error.
    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions how to get it in there? Starting the program over from scratch is a last case option as it took over two weeks to program. IT can not revert back to a time when ENDMEAS/ was still in the feature. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    shell it. create the feature again. cut/paste all your features that are trapped in the middle if you can.. if not, recreate all of those as well. save a backup copy of your routine before messing around with it just in case your first attempt isnt successful.


    • louisd
      louisd commented
      Editing a comment
      shell it meaning: create a new routine.
      Copy/paste all your code up to the feature with the error.
      then re-create your single errored feature again
      copy/paste the trapped code (that's between the feature and endmeas command)
      skip the endmeas command
      copy/paste the rest of your routine.

    • newaircrafthomebuilder
      newaircrafthomebuilder commented
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      Thanks for the clarification. I'll give it a shot and get back to everyone on if it worked.

    • newaircrafthomebuilder
      newaircrafthomebuilder commented
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      This worked like a charm. Thank you it saved a lot of reprogramming.

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