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  • spiral scan bottom to top

    i have an ID cylinder that is cut at an angle leading to some irregularities in how round it is at the very top. It is one of a set of three cut the same way. We are getting position results on this one hole that do not match the others which should be nearly impossible because of how those are drilled. f Is there any way to force pc-dmis to start its spiral cylinder scan at the bottom of the hole and move up? All other settings are right (vector, depth, ending offset, etc) This way I can start as deep as possible without bottoming out or shanking out and stop before the top irregularities?

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    Set the Z-Axis to a negative (little less than depth or material thickness), then set the length to a negative value less than the material as needed.
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    Global Advantage 12-15-10 PH10MQ SP600M V4.2MR3 CAD++


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      How would this work with an angle? in my case the cylinder centerline is fixed Z, the scan would need to move in both x and y simultaneously. From above, I want it to look like the scan path is going from top left to bottom right.

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