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  • To Points Toggle Greyed Out

    Does anyone know how to make this button toggle-able?

    Sorry for spamming this forum with so many questions, once I finally figure out all of PC DMIS, I'll cut back
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    From Help File: "The To Points Toggle icon is available for auto contact features of type Plane, Circle, and Cylinder."

    Are you using a plane, circle, or cylinder?


    • RanDawgg
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    • CodeWarrior
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      I'm not sure, it works as expected for me. Can you post the code in question and a bigger screen shot of the entire dialog box?

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    It's like this for all of my features.


    • RIDER
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      You have a -0.595 Height. Are you using a laser?

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    Are you in DCC mode?
    Try turning off the Void Detection.
    Tried recreating and nothing I click makes the button grey out.
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      If you are trying to edit an existing feature it will be disabled. Are you creating a new feature?


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        As SABarber says, you cannot convert an existing autofeature to points, yon can only select to create the feature hits as points when inserting a new autofeature. Also note that the constructed feature will always be LEAST_SQR, even if you had selected something else in the autofeature dialog.

        In the code section of the forum you can find a script, ToPoints, which might help you converting the hits of an existing autofeature to points, but watch the results carefully - it has not been tested with every kind of feature in every kind of situation...
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          Solved! Thanks guys. Where did you guys find information on this? I pretty much just use the PC DMIS Help Center, are there other sources of information?


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          • RanDawgg
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            Not what I wanted to hear, but its probably what I needed to hear.

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