How to convert file CAD .x_t into file CAD .igs in PC-DMIS software

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  • How to convert file CAD .x_t into file CAD .igs in PC-DMIS software

    Hi everyone,
    have a nice day !!!
    i have the problem as subject
    i don't can import it in to PC-DMIS software and the customer give me only 2 days @@!
    please help me
    many thanks !!

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    You need to use a CAD software like Autodesk or Solidworks. The best thing to do is to send it back to the engineer and have them convert it for you.


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      yes, thanks your advise
      but the document of the customer is file. x_t and do not change these document ,it's many many process to change it .
      about Vendor, They must us to buy CAD option ( Panasolid ) .... it's very expensive
      do you have any idea better?? pls help me in this case
      thanks you so much!!
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    A quick google throws up this

    Never used it and can't vouch it's safe or works or anything but....
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      GrabCAD also lets you perform conversions FREE
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        Why do you need to convert the file? PCDMIS supports the .x_t format (parasolid).

        If you do not have the parasolid option/ Your only choice is what others have already mentioned. If you can find someone with NX it can save as iges.
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          Not as standard it doesn't.

          Your fancy demo licence will have all the bells and whistles enabled, but we have to pay for stuff like that!

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        PC-DMIS is not a CAD software and it does not have this capability.


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