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  • PDF Reporting issue - DisplayPrecision

    I am having a issue when generating a pdf report, the precision values change at page breaks??? As shown in the screen shot (pdf report over the edit window), the displayprecision command is set to (3) yet, at the page break in the pdf it changes to (4). My report window shows the correct format, however, once a pdf is generated, they change... I have re-constructed the dimension, redraw the report and toggled the displayprecision command arbitrarily with no luck. There are other areas on the report that have this issue as well randomly between page breaks. Any recommendations or solutions? Currently having this issue with 2019R1 SP5 and 2017R2 SP14


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    I didn't have the exact same problem and I don’t know if it will help in your case but it happened to me that PC-DMIS uses the first ever specified displayprecision value instead the one before the feature.
    The first I specified was always higher than the one before the features because I want to program with a higher "precision". What helped me is to change the first command to 3 and then after it have immediately one with 4.

    So it would look like this:

    Hope it helps



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      Seems like a bug when a label is being split between pages. You don’t show it but is FCFLOC33 the correct precision?


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