Probe/CMM issues in PC-DMIS

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  • Probe/CMM issues in PC-DMIS

    So I'm probing without CAD on an old Romer Infinite arm and the there is a delay after I have articulated the wrist. The probe disappears from the probe selector and once the CMM beeps as though it has reconnected I am met with a PROBE_NOT_CALIBRATED (or something similar). We had a new tech start recently and in the first week there were several drops and so now we have some connection issues. This really isn't a big deal since the probe usually comes back online and the measurement can continue as though nothing has happened. However, the "PROBE_NOT_CALIBRATED" was something I hadn't seen before. I switched it back to the 3mm ruby ball setting that we usually use and proceeded on my merry way. Upon completing the program I had written and comparing the parts I had probed, I noticed there was a .118 (3mm) difference between the parts. I re-probed the original part and noticed the same offset. Now I'm concerned that all of the beatings the CMM has taken in the past week are beginning to stack up.

    So I begin to experiment...

    -Restarting RDS and PC-DMIS yielded the same results.
    -Probing with the 6mm ball probe we have on hand yielded the same results except with a 6mm offset.

    My last ditch effort was to build a new program which provided stable results which were in-line with the original part I had probed before the "PROBE_NOT_CALIBRATED" call out appeared.

    Any idea as to what may have been altered?

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    I haven't had any experience with romer arms... however. the "PROBE NOT CALIBRATED" error AND the 3mm difference between the parts is definitely related to the LOADPROBE command having the correct probe file name referenced. I've seen probe files created with a space after the formal name, that will really mess you up, lol. If you do not have much knowledge of the probe calibration process, look for the LOADPROBE command in the edit window, put your cursor over it and hit F1. absorb.

    You will need to determine and recall -or- define the correct probe head build and probe diameter/length, then calibrate it to a known/defined reference sphere, in order to resolve your issue.


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      Maybe the cables or contacts are damaged. The tip is identified by a resistor in the probe module - bad cables or dirty contacts may be enough to get it identified as an unknown probe (uncalibrated).
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