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    I use a Browne and Sharpe One shop floor CMM at work, I had it calibrated for annual calibration about two weeks ago the tech from hexagon also tightened the belts they were a little loose, since then when i go up and down in the Z axis using the controller and keeping the enable button held while letting go of the up and down joystick everything is fine, but when i release both the enable and the joystick if i am going up the machine will make a knocking sound almost and a single beep and ill see the entire z arm go up about 1/8th in. at most. When I do this same thing while going down in Z minus once again the same issue happens. I tried doing the nulling procedure, the scales and everything are clean, and when off i can move the z up and down freely, the belts seem at normal tension at a 5mm finger push per the user manual. When I go to my calibration sphere using a 50mm ruby probe and it takes the hits at 0,0 on top of the sphere its fine but when it moves to the x plus to go around the od of the sphere it makes a beep stops and says probe error, all other probes with 30mm extensions this isn't a issue and doesnt happen. This seems really odd to me I dont know if its the jog box, or the z axis motor, the counterbalance, or really anything else because when I move in x and y axis this doesn't happen. I run the move speed at 80 and the touch speed at 5 which has been fine up until I had the belts adjusted, any advice would be appreciated thank you. The model number on the jogbox is H007422/B.

    You guys also have advice for acceleration speed, move speed, touch speed, fly mode? Is it something going on in there?

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    I would call the tech, and ask him to come back (maybe just performing an autoadj).


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