Random probe change causing a crash....

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  • Random probe change causing a crash....

    I'm running a dual arm DEA Bravo with 2017 R2. There is a section of one of my programs where I am measuring with a long arm on the master side. For no reason at all, the program suddenly thinks it has the short probe at a A0B0 angle, which can be seen in the graphic display window. This caused it to crash into the part because it suddenly thinks its a lot further from the part than it really is. When I hit the cancel button, it reverts back to the proper probe and angle in the display window. My code is solid, it doesn't happen every time I run, maybe 1 out of every 10 times. It only happens on the master side, with the long arm, and only happens with about 6 different features randomly. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them?

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    what's your naming convention for the probe styli?


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      M_ denotes the master side
      71 is approximate length in centimeters of the probe and the arm
      X2 2mm ball

      So, it will randomly jump from the M_71X2 to the M_40X2 in the program.


      • louisd
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        Editing a comment
        seems robust and not a contributor, i'd definitely agree with Sora5 that the problem is likely some ghost embedded in in the old routine. "Shell" it, and see if that fixes it. otherwise, you might have a corrupt probe file.

        On second thought, i'm naiive to dual-arm setups... Do you share the same probe files with both arms? How do you differentiate the probes for each arm? Is this possibly a contributor? Do you have that same probe name defined for both arms, and the demon is getting confused with which one it should be using?

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      I've had similar things happen, though rarely, and it comes from over editing a program thru over usage of copy/paste/rename, etc.

      The few times these issues pop up, I've managed to get by by copying the entire program, start up a new program and pasting. Be mindful of the first probe command. That's permanent and requires you to rearrange (copy/paste) any code in your program up to the first probe callout to be above the new probe command of the new program.

      This basically breaks all the links in your old program and relinks them when you paste in the new program getting rid of any weird background happenings from all the prior editing.


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        Excellent, thanks for that idea! It does tend to happen with my oldest program so what you're saying makes sense. I've updated it many times.


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          No louisd, it doesn't confuse the two sides, thank goodness. I just replace the M_ with an S_ for my slave side.


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