Inquiry about pc dmis and program creation

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  • Inquiry about pc dmis and program creation

    Hello guys

    im an operator who used to have a very limited acess to pc dmis , but now since that an cmm engineer have joined, he shared with me a couple of tips and now i gathered my toughts into one piece and wanted to put them here and wait for your opinions

    so we have jigs that come identified with coordinates for each axe ( the guy said they called the origin and they are used for aligenement )

    however he said in case the jig didnt have them , you can simply open the part cad model in a new project press f9 i guess , some utilities window pops up then select a specific axe (y for example) then origin coordinates will show up

    next step is to create program using the jig and manual aligement 3 2 1 select probe file , position etc select the first point and add it in new alignement for all xyz origins , then start adding plane ,line , point , using new aligement option and the origins of each axe while making a track using print button in the joy stick , then f9 for adding measurment points according to the drawing (adding the coordiantes) , i believe its the auto feature

    I havent applied anything yet , am i so wrong so far?

    Im doing my best to learn how to program , i watch gt&t videos , drawing reading tuturials i read pc dmis manuals i hope if u can guys suggest other things that would help push me toward achieving the dream of becoming a programmer

    ps : its pc dmis 2017r1 , cmm machine with magnetic probe styli ,

    thank you in advance

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    F9 is pressed to edit a command. If you want to open the Auto feature window press Ctrl+F.
    It seems like you're attempting to start a program using a "Read point alignment". Use the search button, lot of info and examples posted.
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