Drill point angle included in profile tolerance?

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  • Drill point angle included in profile tolerance?


    We are making a component which is defined by a reduced dimension drawing. One of the features that is explicitly stated on the drawing is a ø1.0 ±.1, ↓ .3 ±.1. As modeled, the hole is ø1.0 ↓ .3 with a 118° point extending past the full diameter. Our quality department is interpreting the inspection requirement as being the 118° angle needing to conform to the "profile of .06 unless otherwise specified" tolerance that applies to all un-dimensioned features. The machine shop interprets the hole callout (not model) as fully defining the feature, including the drill point angle which is optional unless called out as a countersunk hole.


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    All "UN-DIMENSIONED" Features. ø1.0 ↓ .3 with a 118° is a feature callout, Profile does not apply. When they say un-dimensioned that's the form of anything that's not dimensioned. If I'm understanding your question correctly. Take a mold of the drill point, put it on a comparator and make sure it's 118°
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      What KIRBSTER269 said.

      The ø1.0 ±.1, ↓ .3 ±.1 is the specification and as such excluded from the profile.
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        Is the 118 deg defined with a box around it like all other basic dimensions?
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          Just drill the hole with a 118° drill bit.

          The angle isn't defined on the drawing; just hole diameter and depth, so the profile tolerance applies. The angle on the model is 118°. Given profiles are on surfaces you will have a range of drill point angles that can be used. If my math is any good that range is 108° to 128°. But, 118° is the only angle I could find for sale on MSC in that range.


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