Problem with TP nominals in Xact

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  • Problem with TP nominals in Xact

    Hi all !
    The problem is that when I set the values to measure the true position for x y, or for PR and PA, in the report the value is not the one that I set in the control window, this problem only in xact. Help to understand what could be the problem? 888.jpg

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    Doublecheck the theo vectors for the cylinder. Make sure you check "Deviation Perpto centerline" as well.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP3


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      Great thanks !
      I checked all the vectors, and initially the problem really was in them! But the end of the problem was still not cut and some PRs in the report do not look as they should.
      And yet, did I understand correctly that the dev perpen centerline should be noted if I perform positional measurement by PR and PA, but not by X and Y ?

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        Doublecheck the THEO's for all features. CYL3_THREAD THEO's are not "perfect", deviating in X (0.004) and Y (123.49). You can (if you want) change "CARTESIAN" for your features (autofeatures CYLx) to "POLAR" to display their coordinates in polar.

        "Dev perp to CL" should always be checked - especially for cylinders/circles.
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP3


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          Also check the datum's Theo's and vectors.
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            Guys thanks a lot for the ideas
            I checked everything you said, theo's and vectors in datum's in full order. The theory of CYL, in any case, changes very much from time to time. I decided that measuring a threaded hole as a cylinder is not the best idea and got around in circles, everything fell into place and works as expected.
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