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  • scanning issues

    I'm having an issue and am at a lose on how to fix it.

    I have a program where i'm scanning a line on a groove face, theo's and vectors are correct and while the program is running the Y Actual is the same as the probe position readout. but as soon as the program is done and goes thru the calculations the Y, which should be at 0 or close to it, shifts anywhere from 1.4mm to 17mm on all the measured lines. workplane is Y plus from start of measuring the grooves to finish of the program, alignment is locked in all 6 degrees of freedom. when I run it as TTP Y stays 0. it only shifts when I try to scan the same lines.


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    Can you post the code as a text, using the "#" button around it ?


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      Don't know what version you're using, but I had problems with Line Scans and created a Case with Hexagon, There solution was "Huh??, It don't work, well don't use it." Now that's support at it's finest.

      I have seen this happening a lot in my Programs. It seems to be happening just with the Scanned lines, when done in mm. writing the programs, all fine and dandy, after running the program. It Projects my lines away from the part, giving me false readings. Will share my Code to show you the after results. Depth on all features
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        yep that's EXACTLY what mine does as well. glad to know it's a bug and not my programing LOL.

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