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  • scanning issues

    I'm having an issue and am at a lose on how to fix it.

    I have a program where i'm scanning a line on a groove face, theo's and vectors are correct and while the program is running the Y Actual is the same as the probe position readout. but as soon as the program is done and goes thru the calculations the Y, which should be at 0 or close to it, shifts anywhere from 1.4mm to 17mm on all the measured lines. workplane is Y plus from start of measuring the grooves to finish of the program, alignment is locked in all 6 degrees of freedom. when I run it as TTP Y stays 0. it only shifts when I try to scan the same lines.


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    Can you post the code as a text, using the "#" button around it ?


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      Don't know what version you're using, but I had problems with Line Scans and created a Case with Hexagon, There solution was "Huh??, It don't work, well don't use it." Now that's support at it's finest.
      (In Memory of my Loving wife, "Ronda" who I lost March 7, 2016. I love you baby.)
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        yep that's EXACTLY what mine does as well. glad to know it's a bug and not my programing LOL.

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