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  • Error after machine start

    Hi everyone,

    we have an issue with our CMM, a Dea Global Performance (12.15.10) with PC-Dmis 2019 R1. After the machine start and the normal PC-Dmis lauching, the following error in displayed: Command argument missing or invalid. From here on is impossible to close this message and go on with the normal mode of operation of the machine, any suggestions?

    Thank you so much.

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    This is typically because ManHitRetract is set to a value higher than is allowed, or your acceleration or max velocity exceeds the controller limits. This may require going into the settings editor to correct.
    Are you familiar with the PC-DMIS settings editor?
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      Thank you for your support, for PC Dmis setting editor do you mean the F10 button setting?


      • KIRBSTER269
        KIRBSTER269 commented
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        No he means the Settings Editor. It is a separate program, PC-DMIS must be closed for you to be able to use this.

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