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  • Invert and swap X and Y


    I have a program that I want to run on 2 machines. I set the manual alignment up with a single read point. On the second machine I need to swap the X and Y axes and invert them. Is there a command I can give in the program to accomplish this?

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    Save a copy of your routine first.
    CTL+ALT+A align rotate angle to 90 degrees? could be -90 if you need to flip vectors in opposing direction. when prompted to update nominals of all your dim's click YES.
    then delete the alignment. when prompted to update nominals of all your dims click NO.


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      If you do a read point, then align to the read point, simply F9 the alignment, add a ROTATE 90 about Z. OK, and tell it NO when it asks to update the rest of the program, should be all you need to do IF YOU WANT both machines to report X for the 'same direction on the part'. If you want to be able to compare report from MACHINE A to MACHINE B, then there is no inverting or swapping of axis, X needs to be X on both, it needs to be X+ in the same direction ON THE PART. So, the adding of the rotate 90about Z does this.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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