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  • parameter alarm

    probe parameters were reset and all probes have been calibrated. now when I switch angles or probes it sends a parameter alarm and stops program. any help would be appreciated.

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    im seeing a TR_EXE01 INVALID PARAMETER!


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      You are asking for some help, but providing an insufficient amount of data to determine an answer or guidance. could you possibly post the code?
      (from the PCDMIS edit window, use copy/paste into this forum just like you posted the above messages, highlight the code and click the "#" symbol at top of the post comment box to format the code prior to posting)

      Or, you could screenshot your calibration window prior to clicking measure and upload it here? I know our forum is limited to an absurdly low 1mb limit for your entire profile, but doing this will hopefully get you an answer more expediently.


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        initially, it sounds like you have an incorrect probe rack defined. or a corrupt probe file... but this is drawing from a large handful of straws.


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          What we are seeing is when it changes probes from the rack (which it does successfully), and upon start-up, it errors with Invalid parameter. We are able to run completely normal except for the fact it will error out and then we have to clear it to continue measuring. Rebuilt all the probe files as well. The following is what the debug file has stated.

          CMM=CMM1 <<**FromCmm:ERROR GET_PARA,S%B ,TR_EXE01,invalid Parameter !
          --- nTRBPRB01Counter=0
          sent CNTL-C to clear the error
          SHOWERROR: arm=1 errorCounter=1
          SHOWERROR: scan_can_recover=0, cmm_in_manual=1 str=TR_EXE01,invalid Parameter !


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            Problem fixed. Looks like Hodgee had left E Stop on for too long.


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