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  • Front End program to switch between programs

    I'm using 2013 now, so I'm not sure if this has been addressed with newer versions.

    I am looking for a way to load a PC-DMIS program after I determine what part is on my fixture, automatically measure the part in the appropriate program and then return to the original program to determine the next part. Wow I just confused myself.

    I have a fixture plate that has places for 24 different fixtures. Each of these fixtures can contain a different part. I have a PC-DMIS program that loops through each part and measures a particular feature to know what is loaded. That's working well and I have actually branched off to any of four different sub-programs inside of the master program.

    I could continue to try to do that, but the program would get big and ugly quickly (as it already is with just 4 parts).

    Is there an easy way (I SAID EASY!!! I can write in PC-DMIS but not VB or scripting. LOL!!) to leave the master program after I determine what part I want to measure, open the appropriate program, measure my part, return to the original program and repeat 23 times?

    A subroutine call like I used to write in AutoLISP for AutoCAD 30 years ago is what comes to mind, but I can't find a way to do that.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    I would look into Inspect that comes with PC DMIS if you're looking for the most simple solution. I'm not sure if its compatible with 2013, but i would look into that


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      You pretty much answered your own question. Use subroutines.

      Have your main program determine the part to be inspected then do a callsub to the child program.

      In the child program, you have to encompass your whole program with the subroutine creation/endsub command. You give the sub a name then save it to a location PCDMIS can access and call it from the parent program.


      • Stephen1055
        Stephen1055 commented
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        This is the kind of answer I was afraid of. As I stated, I don't know anything about VB or scripting and none of this made sense to me.

        I'm guessing this is the only way to run subroutines?

      • Sora5
        Sora5 commented
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        Though it would help immensely, you don't need knowledge of VB or scripting if we're only talking about calling subroutines. PCDMIS handles its own subroutine fairly well.

        In your child program, click Insert--> flow control command--> subroutine
        this will bring up a prompt for you to name the subroutine. Insert this command at the beginning of the program then at the very end, insert a End Sub command. Save the program somewhere accessible by PCDMIS.

        In your main program, insert-->flow control command --> Call Sub and input the sub name and location.

        This is putting it very simply though. Of course in your main program, you'll need all the up front selection code to direct which sub to call on.

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