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  • Form Only Profile Reprting OOT

    I've found the answer to this before, but can't find it. Anyone remember what setting you change, to prevent PC-DMIS from reporting a Form Only profile out of tolerance, based on the min value?

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    Form only would still be a min/max value. If you don't want a min value, perhaps you're looking for unilateral tolerance where the tolerance band is only in one direction?

    In xact measure, you would click on the U and type whatever value your profile is.


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      I agree with Sora5. Profile dimensioned as form and location is bilateral unless stated otherwise. Form only is a one sided tolerance, but PC-DMIS will still report it as min/max if it is activated. If the min value exceeds half of your profile, it is out of tolerance. Even if you hit the F10 button, go to the dimension tab, and uncheck max/min, it will still show out of tolerance if the min exceeds half your tolerance. You just won't see the min value anymore. I always have that option checked for profile.


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