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  • Issues Scanning Calibration Ball

    I recently took PC-DMIS for CMM 201-202 and we learned how to run a calibration using a scan probe.

    I'm now trying to get my CMM to do this and I'm running into issues.

    In the class the probe would make a circle around the ball, then make a triangle hitting three points around the surface. Then it would do all of that again quicker. When I try to do it myself it will only scan one circle around the diameter of the ball then stop.

    I've already done my lower matrix calibration and I'm using the settings in the eLearning Supplement book that are listed for my scanning attachment, which is a HP-S-X1H. I've tried redoing the lab multiple times and I can't figure out what I'm missing.

    I'm running PC-DMIS CAD++ Ver. 2018 R1 - Build #664 (Service Pack 9) with the above mentioned HP-S-X1H scan attachment.

    Please help!!!

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    I've figured out that the single scan is from selecting "Calibrate ScanRDV". If I select "Calibrate Tips" it doesn't scan at all.


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