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  • Sample Hit Retract/Search Distance

    Hey guys, brand new to PC DMIS.

    I'm working with no CAD model and a very uneven surface. I figured out how to use sample hits to ensure my probes are hitting dead nuts (circle features), but the surface is so bad that the machine is crashing trying to take the sample hit on the surface. Is there a way to change the search distance for the sample hit? Is there a better/different approach entirely?

    Thanks in advance

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    type prehit/
    hit tab.
    default value is 0.100"
    same with retract/
    change prehit and retract distances to add more of a buffer distance in 'finding' the part.


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      Do I type that within the feature? Or is that a global command that will change everything underneath it?


      • louisd
        louisd commented
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        my apologies, type the prehit/ and retract/ within the PCDMIS edit window. You can insert this at the beginning of a routine, and it will apply to that entire routine, until another prehit/ command or retract/ command is referenced within the code. Oooor you could just put it before the specific feature you want to have the extra padding and put another prehit/retract command after the feature, with values matching the default or the rest of the routine.

      • RanDawgg
        RanDawgg commented
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        Appreciate the help! Works great.

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