How to change the names of multiple points at the same time?

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  • How to change the names of multiple points at the same time?


    I am making programs for some of our tooling that require an extensive amount of hits.
    These hits will be at different levels (varying the z axis) and will use the same x and y values.
    I have been able to copy and paste the first set of hit points with a different z value by changing the alignment but the names are duplicates.
    Is there an easy way to change all of the names from "LEVEL_1_PT1","LEVEL_1_PT2",etc... to " LEVEL_2_PT1","LEVEL_2_PT2",etc...?

    Thank you and best regards,


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    Make a feature named LEVEL_2_PT1 and set it as the Default name. It should ask you if you want to set it as default when you create or rename it. If not, check your warnings in the F5 menu.

    Then copy what you need and paste with pattern with no changes and select use default name. All the features you paste will follow the naming scheme you just set.

    As for changing a set of existing features, might need a script.


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      If you use paste with pattern instead of copy-paste (zero offsets in xyz or rotation) and your features end in a '1' then they will all end in a 2, 3, 4 etc..

      If you are patterning one way, then the other there's a way of doing it but it takes a bit of work..


      define pnt1, then pattern it so you get pnt2, pnt3, pnt4 etc

      Then you have to manually add say _1 to them all so you have pnt1_1, pnt2_1, pnt3_1, pnt4_1 (you can just copy "_1" and paste it on the end of the existing ID), then when you pattern it around you get what you require, but there's no way to make it happen without a bit of manual feature renaming.

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        if that doesn't work, you can arrow though painfully using Edit-> FIND & REPLACE, which does not have a keyboard shortcut.


        • Kp61dude!
          Kp61dude! commented
          Editing a comment
          You can use keyboard shortcuts. Hit the Alt key and then you'll see letters get underlined, just like when closing a PcDmis program you hit Alt+F+C key combo

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        Edit | Find and Replace | Replace... is your best friend for this one. You can get fancy using wildcards too! Search up you handy dandy help file for more detailed information.
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          Thank you everyone. I ended up using find and replace. It saved over an hour of time.


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