Effective probe build length for SM25-1

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  • Effective probe build length for SM25-1

    Good morning all.
    I haven't been able to find a place that defines my question so I'll throw it out here. I have a part to program that is a small bored shaft about 4 inches in length. Again engineers with much more wisdom than I have chosen to make the primary datum A an internal bore about 3.5 inches down the length of the part. I certainly don't have a probe build that length so I am thinking of using extensions to achieve this. Problem (maybe) is that we only have an SM25-1 and I am not sure if it can support that length of a build with any accuracy. I don't have the option of purchasing anything like an SM25-4 or something like that. Any thoughts on my problem. Much appreciated.

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    If you can get them, use ceramic extensions. They’re cheap and light.


    • Jim Poehler
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      Thanks 4 the suggestion. I will look into that.

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    I seem to recall it's not a weight issue with the SM25s, the length requirements are based on how the system works. Too long or too short and the machine can get false readings. SM25-1 is only rated between 20 and 50mm.

    T1A15B180/90/0/-90 may be what you gotta do


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