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  • Export Raw Data as .txt

    Trying to find the easiest way to export point data in a .txt format. The catch is they want a separate .txt file for each feature. Example: PLN1.txt, PLN2.txt. Each containing the individual point XYZIJK. I have done all measurements using Vector points for this reason. Thanks in advance!!

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    I would think the easiest way would be create a basic script to process each feature using the feature ID as a file name to create/write to.


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      I would create a COP for each feature, then export the cop as xyz file, and rename it.


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        If it's a one-shot, do Export -> XYZ... of everything, and split the file by hand. If it will be a recurring issue, follow the suggestion from SABarber.
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          I've tried scripts before with not so great results. Could use some training on those. I think the COP method will work, but is there a way to make it do this automatically/in the background? I will have operators that will be running the parts and it will be better if a folder gets automatically populated rather than depend on the operator to output the COP individually.



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            90% of the code needed exists in the script for "To points". I'd guess an edit is needed for parsing the entire program and change the point creation to point export instead...

            EDIT: https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc...ta-to-txt-file
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