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  • Upgrading Win 7 to Win 10


    Searched a bit on the forum but the info out there seemed pretty stale ( we probably just procrastinated on this issue ).

    We have a Hexagon Global Performance 575 and we are still running PC-DMIS 2016.

    The PC is the one that came with the CMM and is Win7.

    Our IT staff is getting ready for Win7 obsolescence so we intend to upgrade to Win10

    I called support just to see if there are guide lines for upgrading windows and they started in with the "you have to contact the mfg of your pc..."

    So much for the expensive SMA...

    So my questions are these:

    Is it ok to do an "upgrade in place" from 7 to 10?

    Any driver issues or other gotchas?

    Should we upgrade to pc-dmis 2019 first? I've glanced at the install instructions and basically we need to backup certain files then install, does not seem too bad.

    Any other issues or warnings based on actual user experience?

    TIA in advance for any advice


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    According to this table 2016 should run on windows10, if you want to keep the older rev.
    It seems all later versions of PCDMIS (from 2017 R2 on) will REQUIRE 64Bit operating system.
    So be sure to install 64bit version of windows.

    If you have a hasp USB dongle, you should be set. You might need to install new hasp drivers when you upgrade.
    If you use LMS (no hasp USB dongle), you might need to call Hexagon to re-sync your computer with your license.

    Definitely upgrade to 2019 AFTER upgrading windows. upgrading pcdmis to 2019 on existing windows will just force you to do it twice.

    grab all the files per these websites, and back them up before doing anything.



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      try reaching out to your local service office and ask if they will put you in contact with a service engineer or if the service manager will be able to shed some light. In some instances there are a few files on the HDD that you need to copy over to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. You might also reach out to your local applications department as apps usually gets stuck with fixing these issues when they go wrong so maybe they'll be happy to help on the front end rather that cleaning up the mess on the back end.


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        OK - Thanks

        These are things I needed to know....


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          First of all - treat a computer update the same as a change of computers. Do a Settings Editor backup of the PC-DMIS settings (first three checkboxes checked), also follow the advice from anthony.alfaro, and if you have a software license, it must be Returned (Rehost) with the CLM Admin program before you do anything with the computer and then activated again when the computer is reconfigured.

          There are many posts on the internet claiming that 'in-place-updating' Win 7 to Win 10 is inferior to completely reinstalling the computer. I don't have any personal experience, though (never done an in-place update).
          SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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