Help Search Workaround for 2019.1 and Above

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  • Help Search Workaround for 2019.1 and Above

    Hello PC-DMIS Users,

    I wanted to communicate a Help search workaround to you.

    Those of you who use PC-DMIS 2019.1 and above may have noticed an issue with the Help search in our HTML5 output. Sometimes you'll type a word or phrase, and the search results will return a less-than-helpful "No Results Found" message.

    The workaround is to put quotation marks around your search word or phrase. That seems to kick the search engine to yield results.

    Some background on this issue:
    We use Adobe’s RoboHelp 2017 to generate our HTML5 documentation output. This is a bug or issue in how they handle the search for the HTML5 output type. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to fix Adobe's issue short of changing the generated output, changing documentation tools, or coming up with our own search engine.

    Thankfully, the workaround doesn't seem too onerous, once you know what it is.


    Jared Hess
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
    Documentation Team Lead / Manager
    Jared Hess - Techwriter @ WAI
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    Another interesting observation is that the new browser in Windows 10 (Edge) is waaay slower than Internet Explorer, both in displaying the Help pages and in searching for anything. Is there a way to tell PC-DMIS to always use IE, even though Edge is the default browser?
    SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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      Hi Anders, thanks for that feedback. From my personal testing on this today, I actually noticed the opposite. Searching in Edge was about twice as fast over IE 11. But we'll do some internal testing on this. Perhaps we can at least list some recommended browsers. Anyway, PC-DMIS just uses your default browser when you press F1, so feel free to use whatever you prefer.
      Jared Hess - Techwriter @ WAI
      [View 2008 Reporting Tutorials Here]


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