Relearn points when programming without CAD

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  • Relearn points when programming without CAD

    Hi all,

    May be a daft question, but is there a way to bulk highlight all points taken to convert to relearn points, rather than having to laboriously hover over each point and wait for it to change from NORMAL to RELEARN?

    This is primarily for programming without a CAD.

    Basically, I've written a program, but now the hole positions have been altered on the part. Just trying to find a quick way to reprogram rather than starting afresh.



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    Are you taking single points in the holes or using a circle function ? If its a circle, just shift the nominal of the hole location and all the hits for the feature are automaticially adjusted ?


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      If the hits don't change automatically: type in the new nominal like Schlag said then change the number of hits, select yes for evenly spaced


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        you may try adding and alignment before the holes measurements as per their relocated position if the pattern is same as previous and select update nominal to no this will move the features to new location
        then, delete the alignment and click yes for the update nominal popup


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