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  • Defining a probe

    In Pc dims I am trying to define the probe( Brand new CMM ). In the drop down menu I select a HH-AS8-T2.5 . After that I highlight and click on the drop down menu and I am looking for HP-S-X1H ( M00-114-042-020) or along those lines. The problem is that there is nothing in the drop down with anything like that. What do you do in this case?

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    Leitz_LSPX1H_T is the HP-S-X1H
    153010 Global Advantage w/ LSPX1H_T Analog Probe
    7107 Global Classic TP20
    2019R1 SP1 CAD++


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      I believe you will need to look for something like this. probe definition.JPG
      My probe is labeled HP-S-X1H on the probe body it self but to creat the probe I had to select what you see in the first "Connect" line. If you look towards the end of the first Connect line you will see the name of the probe. This is how the technician showed me to create probes.


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        I have another question, what does this mean CONVERT_TO_M2THRD ?


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          The LSPX1 uses M3 stylii.
          If you want to connect a M2, you have to use a converter.
          Ifyou open the probe.dat, for each stylus, you have the connection at the end of the first line. It's by this way that PC-DMIS finds the rights probes.

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        The reason I am asking these questions is because I have a probe changer and I calibrated and I am trying to change probes but when it goes down to put the probe away it is to low to the slot.


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          Hexagon, in their infinite wisdom, implemented TWO DIFFERENT HP-S-X1H rack designs, with identical part numbers, which have approximately a 2mm delta in Z height to the little probe rack docking pin. That being said, there's a setting within FDC which will need to be toggled, "X1Changertype" needs to be changed from a 0 to a 1.

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            CONVERT_TO_M2THRD is an adaptor. If you want to know what anything is just use it in build for a picture


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