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  • Help me measure this

    Hey guys

    I have this part im trying to make a program for in the CMM.
    Im wondering if anyone has an idea how to measure the lenght from the 3mm measure pin (Lenght 18.48).

    2nd thing im wondering about is the lenght 6.02 goes down to a plane which in reality is a very small cone. How do i measure the cone the best way to get a stable result?

    And third is the two radiuses (3.05). Do i just measure them as circle and distance between them? To get lenght 0.5, lenght 0.1 and lenght 4?
    And if so, can i just align on the outer cylinder (Ø18) and measure the distance parralell/perpindicular to that axis?

    Thanks all
    Uploading a part of the drawing too.

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    Me personally, I would not use a CMM for this, I use an optical comparator or a vision system for your measurements
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      What probe do you use ?


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      1. dim 18.48 is -0/+0.3, so buy 3mm pin and hand caliper.
      2. cone measurement depend on the surface finish
      3. as you wrote

      but best will be, as dwade sugested, to use comparator, some quick vision system, you have a nice flat surface to wich can be part leveled.


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        Depending on your PC-DMIS version, there is a construct (or drop?) ball / circle that you can use for the 18.48 dimension. Measure two lines, one on each tooth, create (drop) ball / circle with 3 mm diameter in between the two lines.

        "Create circle tangent to two lines" or something like that is it called in the construct circle dialog.
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          From the core manual :
          Constructing a Tangent Circle
          You can construct the following three types of tangent circles using the Construct Circle dialog box (Insert | Feature | Constructed | Circle):
          • Tangent 2 Lines - This option constructs a circle tangent to two lines. The exact location is determined by the size of the circle and the direction of the lines. Type a Diameter value for the constructed after selecting the two input lines, and then click Create. If the constructed circle doesn't appear were expected, try changing the direction of one of the lines.

          The circle must be constructed in the right workplane.

          When you construct the distance, select "add radius" or something like this in the dimension box.


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          if you're facing issue with measurements related to pins
          1) a physical pin can be used and you can create circle/cylinder and generate results accordingly
          2) create planes on both side of tooth surface intersect it with plane on the end to create a line
          then create circle with tangent to 2lines
          I'll suggest to use dia 1mm probe or less for 2nd option


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