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    How do i make a set of motion parameters a default setting? Like making my move speed 120 and touch speed 5. Every time i open a new program its 20 and 1.

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    If you want the machines to default to a specific speed, hit F5-Find the tab that states the movespeed/touchspeed- change it to your desired value-then hit the button that says "default." (I'm not at my computer, it could be labeled "defaults.") Each tab has this button and once hit, saves the current settings as default. F10 settings also.
    Keep in mind, most programs have those settings, along with others, defined and are program specific. If you change the value on the CMM it most likely will not effect the programs at all. You'd have to go in each program and change them manually. You may be able to find someone on here that can point you to a script that can do that automatically. People here are resourceful.
    Also, If you change the touch speed on your programs, you would need to re-calibrate your probes to the new touch speed otherwise you can introduce error in measurement.


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      Open a new file, create all your presets and save as "Template" and mark it as Read Only. So when you create a new program, open your template and save as your name program.
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