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    I'm quite new to the CMM universe and I have a measuring task where I'm unsure if I evaluate it correctly.

    The task is the distance between MP_D2 and D2_DOM8.25_P2.

    I read that the 2D distance is a projection of the measuring points on a plane referring to the coordinate system.

    And that the 3D is the distance referring to the part?

    I dont know how I should evaluate it and the differ of both results is really high.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Brad.
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    Could you tell us a little more ?
    I can't see what type of features there are... And the answer could depends on it !
    In addition, you shouldn't use "." in the feature names, replace them by a "_".


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      A 2D distance 2 dimensional distance, ignoring the 3rd dimension. If you are in the Z workplane it will only measure the distance relative to the X and Y axis. Any distance in Z will be ignored. If you view it as vision and you are looking at two points staring down the Z axis you can't see any change in height in the Z axis. CMM software is the same it only "sees" 2D distances that aren't in the workplane.

      a 3D distance takes all 3 axes into account when measuring distance.
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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        Thank you very much for your help, my evaluation was not in the correct workplane. So in generall you can say that points are measured in 2 dimension becuase they have to be reflected on the same plane and a distance between 2 planes are measured in all 3 dimensions?


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