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  • Compatability

    Good day Geniuses, Bare with me on this question because it may be lengthy. My CMM is a 1991 Sheffield Cordax RS-70 using a PH-10MQ head and PC-Dmis 4.3 CAD ++. I am starting to see issues with the controller electronics that tells me it maybe needing to be replaced soon and I'm trying to get other updates in order so both can be done when this happens. My question is, Will the new PC_Dmis software operate on a UCC controller with I++ Protocol?
    If this question seems dumb, please keep that opinion to yourself. I create programs for our suppliers and a new supplier is not running PC-Dmis. So, I would like to see if its possible to run a multiple software machine with PC-Dmis and CMM Manager.

    Any good advice is welcome.
    Thank you

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    Short answer, yes PC-DMIS supports I++ interfaces. But you might want to talk to some people who have to use it. This is going to greatly increase the complexity of using PC-DMIS and your ability to find programmers/operators capable of running it. There other controller options that natively support both CMM manager and PC-DMIS that do not use an I++ interface.
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    • Peter Fuller
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      According to CMM Manager, it also supports the FDC Hexagon controller. There are some good deals on trading in a Sheffield for a Global Green, you should consider talking to a Hexagon salesman to see if you're going to save yourself a lot of hassle in the future trying to get parts for that old CMM with a little up front investment.

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